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Our collection counts more than 1000 works from the classical period of the Soviet art painting from the 1930th – till the 1980th year, including, so-called, Soviet impressionism — «a socialist realism with a human face». Socialist realism is characterized by the glorified depiction of communist values, such as the emancipation of the proletariat, in a realistic manner. The Soviet painting of this period was included strongly into world art heritage.
This collection is a result of tireless search of the fan of painting and collector Jean Weis. During 1990 he visited almost one hundred workshops and met more than one hundred artists from Baltic to Vladivostok. The spirit of the age, the atmosphere and ideology of the country which was called USSR and the unique local color of painting of artists from Ukraine, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan are reflected in this collection.
All genres — landscapes, portraits, industrial landscapes, still lifes, conversations and also theatrical sketches, — are presented by painting and graphics.

Our dream — to share with everyone the interest and knowledge of this period of Soviet art, participate in auctions, helping to create a database of artists, available to all for free, post biographies, place private collections. Assess, advise amateurs and professionals in the purchase and sale, exchange and investing in art.
To place at all articles, photos, videos and links to related sites.

Our goal — to share the passion, knowledge, making cultural events to connect with this picture, and this time, the exhibition … auctions, collecting biographies of placing private collections to create a database accessible to all free of charge …
Evaluate, assess, guide both amateurs and professionals in the purchase, sale, exchange and investment ….
Host all articles, photos, videos and links to related sites …

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